Roman blinds are one of the kinds of horizontal blinds. They represent a quite simple construction, made of fabric cloth, matching with the size of the window. The special rigid rods, sewn to the inner side along the length of the blind, help to roll the blinds into the soft folds. Such blinds can be either raised with the help of cord, or have electromechanical control. Roman blinds are mainly used for the window decoration of children’s room, kitchen, balcony or loggia.

There is a wide range of clothes of different textures and colors for the roman blinds. The roman blinds, made of soft cloth, looks attractive and elegant.Before buying roman blinds for the windows, you should determine the purpose of their appliance. If you want to protect the room from the bright sun, you should by the blinds, made of semitransparent cloth, providing soft diffused illumination. But in case you want to darken the room completely, it is better to choose non-transparent dense cloth.

Roman blinds are easy to use and compact. Nowadays there are even more often used not only in the houses and apartments, but also in the offices, clubs and cafes, where they serve as a beautiful decoration of interior.

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