What can decorate any room in the house? The most famous, practical, fashionable and modern way is to decorate the room with the help of carpet. Carpets visually enlarge the room and give it a special style and personality. Particularly relevant now in this regard are round and oval rugs, hype about them has recently increased.

Carpet will always be an integral part of the interior. Round rug is very well suited to the interiors with rounded corners, round arches and shapes.

Talking about the carpets in general, the most common ones are rectangular and square carpets, rarely oval and round are the rarest carpets. With round carpet the room is getting some unique individuality, the space visually expands.

Why do so many designers prefer round carpets for the interior? Quite simply, round carpet visually increases the space of the room, making it deeper and more relaxed. Using an oval rug in the process of decorating the room will provide a cozy and family atmosphere. This mat will not get lost in the general environment and will always be in harmony with the surrounding things, of course, with the right approach to its choice. With the help of round carpet designers are trying to focus on a single place in a room or a piece of furniture, such as, for example, design table.

If you decide to buy a round carpet we would like to draw your attention to the quality of the material from which it is made. There are carpets of silk, they are the most expensive, then there are carpets woven from wool, they are a little cheaper, viscose and synthetics are low-cost budget options. Usually, round carpet is laid on the floor in a zone the coffee table, the bed, in a recreation area, or working area, but also can be hung on the wall if it does not spoil the overall design of the room.

Remember, you need to choose the right size of the carpet. If you have a large living room, and the oval carpet is too small, in any case do not lay it in the middle or it will simply “drown” in the space of the room. In this case, the size of the carpet depends on the size of the room: not too large and not too small.

If you want to focus on some detail in the interior (beautiful armchair by the window), or focus on the elegant coffee table by the sofa, the small oval rug can accentuate this detail.

Be sure to pay your attention to the edges of the mat, particularly in the way they are processed. Good border, especially made by hand, extends the life of the carpet.