Interesting and beautiful toy – the best gift for little son or dear daughter. Even in secondary school children are happy to play puzzle games, build houses from the constructor, sew clothes for a favorite doll. A toy for the youngest – an indispensable companion that will entertain both at home and on the walk.

Parents, grandparents, loving family will gladly give kids toy cars, dolls, pyramids and sets for sandboxes. But always is the choice always right? In what cases, gift can be a source of trouble? Unfortunately, on market of children’s products there are many poor quality and even dangerous products and yoou should be able to avoid it. Therefore, the choice of the sample, place of purchase and the trade mark must be approached with the utmost responsibility. Choosing safe toys for your child, you will make his life happy and cheerful.

The criteria for safe toys

  1. Has value material of manufacture. Manufacturers may used in manufacture wood, cloth or plastic. Plastic products should be chosen very carefully: it must be binding security assurances and plastics, and dyes. You can not buy items for children to play with the content of polyvinyl chloride (“poison plastic”), or such plate should be soft and warm. Also study the item for the content of bisphenol A and phthalates.
  2. Safe toy should have a convenient form, smooth surface without roughness. No sharp angles. For small children are available samples without small and delicate parts.
  3. You should take into account the weight of the object for games. In the fall he must not injure the child’s legs. The recommended weight – no more than 500 g
  4. For children to a year can be purchased rattles, teethers made of natural wood (with a coating of natural wax) or from a safe certified plastic.
  5. Paint should not contain lead – toxic compound that causes severe disturbances in the functionality of the body of the baby.
  6. It must not have a sharp odor.

Where to buy goods for the children to be confident in the quality?

Children’s toys are not sold only in special stores that are confident in the quality of its product range, but also in the market, in the shops, on street stalls. These outlets do not specialize in children’s products, they do not have qualified staff. Therefore, more reliably and efficiently is to buy quality toys for children in shops and online stores with products have reputable and trusted brands.