Key features of the service

The platform “Sakaev Chess” will help you to improve your chess game.


High-quality chess exercises

I carefully select the puzzles myself. An automated program does not compile them.

The effect of communication with the grandmaster

In explaining the problem solution, I reveal the position essence and give a detailed assessment of possible further moves.

Clear training structure

Each level includes specific training exercises, divided into directions and stages.

Focus on the practice

All puzzles consist exclusively of the compositions that you can find in a live chess game.

The motivation of the chess player

Ratings, individual charts, and final certificates stimulate the players to improve their game.

All levels of training

All chess puzzles are divided based on the levels of complexity:

  • Start – for chess players of 4 and 3 categories
  • Progress – for chess players of 2 and 1 categories
  • Junior – for FIDE Masters and Masters of Sports
  • Expert – for grandmasters

You can train at several levels simultaneously if sometimes you feel like solving easier tasks (or vice versa, setting the bar higher).

Solving chess puzzles on the platform “Sakaev Chess” will allow you to develop the necessary skills and gain new knowledge thanks to the explanations of the positions. Like during a private session with a highly qualified coach, you get information about which moves to make and why.

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Where to start?

It’s very easy to choose the level and start training.


1.Register on the website

The registration takes only a few seconds. After that, you can open your account and start training.



2.Pass the free trial

Choose the level in your account and start training. The free trial is available at all levels!



3.Keep on training

Each course lasts 4 weeks. After completing the first course, you will start the second one, then the third one, etc. As soon as you’re ready to try more complex tasks, you can get to the next level.


All-round development of a chess player

This service contains all the necessary themes and directions, you can quickly determine your strengths and weaknesses.


Opening erudition

Developing the model solutions in the characteristic structures at the beginning of the game is an important area and one of the distinctive features of the offered exercises.

Positional play

Development of a sense of harmony, preventive thinking, and maneuvering skills. The choice of the plan in calm and non-specific positions.

Tactics and combinations

Improvement of the calculation technique and spotting the tactical motifs. In these tasks, you need to find a specific solution.


Improvement of the endgame technique and examination of the exact positions, essential for the practitioners. Defense strategies. Endgame tactics and dynamics.

Difficult positions

It is a special section of the expert level where all positions are of the same complexity. It will be a challenge even for the famous grandmasters.

Dynamics. Play actively

The development of active play skills is essential. This section contains the positions that require attack or counterattack actions.


“Sakaev Chess” in figures


chess puzzles (and this number is growing)

100 +

chess themes and directions in the training base


chess players are already using “Sakaev Chess”

Grandmasters’ feedbacks about the platform “Sakaev Chess”


Vladimir Kramnik

14th world chess champion

World Cup winner (2013)

Three-time winner of the World Chess Olympiad for the Russian national team (1992, 1994, 1996)

Winner of the European (1992) and World (2013) Team Championships

Honored Master of Sports of Russia

It’s a good website for players of any age and level of training with the well-chosen chess exercises. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their game or fill in some gaps.


Sergei Rublevsky

Four-time Olympic champion

Two-time winner of the World Team Championships (1997, 2005)

The current coach of the Russian women’s team

Honored Master of Sports of Russia

Honored coach of Russia

Konstantin Sakaev is a powerful chess player and an outstanding coach and methodologist. I think that’s why the positions are chosen so well. As a coach of the Russian women’s team, I’m going to use the examples from this website in preparation for the upcoming Olympics.


Evgeny Alekseev

Russian Champion (2006)

Winner of AEROFLOT OPEN (2007)

European champion for the Russian national team (2007)

Excellent service with well-thought-out motivation and training. I really liked it. I’m sure that young chess players will enjoy this platform. I solved the puzzles of the expert level with great pleasure.


Maxim Matlakov

European champion (2017)

One of the strongest chess players in Russia

Winner of the major international tournament in Bastia (France, 2018)

I think that this platform is beneficial for future champions. All positions are very high-quality and professional. And the best thing is, Konstantin makes his project accessible to a wide range of chess lovers.



You can get access to the free trial, practice, and choose the appropriate level.

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