Soft fluffy “clothing”, in which the floors are dressed, covers the territory of all rooms in the home, office, hotels called the shaw carpet, and everywhere because of its presence everything becomes warm and cozy.


Mankind has long been aware of carpeting, and if once they were considered a luxury, today they have become available to almost everyone. Rolls of shaw carpet (fitted carpet) with a variety of drawings or finished plots, purchased recently quite widespread. Its immense popularity was earned thanks to its practicality, ease of installation and affordable price.

Basis in the carpet can be a single-layer and double-layer. In the first case it is a dense fabric with synthetic woven fiber cloth. If you look at the second option in the context, one thing can be clearly identified: the pile, fixing the layer, a primary and a secondary basis.

Undoubtedly, because of the coverage room atmosphere becomes cozy and warm, it is a good sound insulator, and it is quickly laid. It is made on the artificial basis and it is quite affordable. It does not react to changes in humidity, temperature and the quality of its fundamentals does not impose any special requirements.

Carpet fits almost any room, except ones with high humidity and dampness.

The layer of air between the ground and carpet pile perfectly retains heat, heating the floor in the cold winter days.

All of this, undoubtedly, is talking about its benefits. But nothing in the world is perfect, and the shaw carpet has its small flaws, such as operational impracticality, allergic reactions that can provoke some of its types.

This is the oldest method for carpets producing, a long and complicated process, and the technology which is used in the production of the famous persian carpets. Its footing is jute and on it as on the mantle, twisting one-color or multicolored yarn, ties are knotted (then their ends are trimmed). The quality of the product is excellent. However, it has a high price, but in fact it is made entirely of natural materials.

At the tafting (tufted) method of manufacturing a needle with yarn is output through the pile footage. The hinges on the front side are left with pre-set height. They can be cut from the inside and secure basis with a special material (a secondary basis).

This natural material guarantees safety and environmental friendliness. However, long-term operation of carpet on this basis leads to abrasion and destruction of jute fibers and primer coat. The base when moisturing starts to rot, shrinkage is possible.