Eco design and, therefore, natural products, and interior elements become more and more popular all around the world. One such element is the natural sheepskins and sheepskin rugs on the floor that look unusually in all interiors, consisting of all-natural materials and not expensive at the price.


Sheepskin is a skin of sheep (young or mature), which is widely used for domestic purposes. One of the main advantages of sheepskins is their natural and healing properties. Even in ancient times, people were constantly using sheepskins in everyday life. The natural sheepskins contain lanolin – a natural antiseptic of animal origin, which has a positive effect on the human body.

When choosing flooring or carpet, many opt for products made of sheepskin due to the price of the finished product.

Carpets made of sheepskin and a single perfect skin fit in different types of interior, both classic and modern.

Products made of sheepskin are hypoallergenic, do not cause allergic reactions, because they can be used as a rug for a children’s room, as well as other areas in the house.

Hides and sheepskin rugs vacuuming good, do not collect a lot of dust by themselves. It is enough to vacuum them periodically, and shake them out to keep clean.

They have good thermal and sound insulation properties. Hides of sheepskin are very warm and soft, to walk on them will be nice and helpful. Rugs and sheep skins on the floor will be an excellent choice for inhabitants of cold regions.

Large range of colors and shapes of skins and rugs from sheep skins allows you to choose what is necessary for you. According to the form often they are single (in the form of herringbone) hides and skins of several mats (seamed from two, four, and so on). Carpets of standard forms are produced too (rectangular, round, square) and size of the sheepskins.


How is it better to choose and buy a sheepskin or lambskin rug?

First we need to decide on the colors and sizes of sheepskin on the floor.
Length of pile on the rug or on the skin of sheep. There are 3 types of pile length: low pile, skins with medium pile and long-haired carpets and sheepskin hides. Depending on the length of the pile, the skins will look differently; they will vary in softness, and most importantly, ease of cleaning, the longer is the pile, the harder it will be to clean.

If you decide to buy a sheepskin, then pay attention to the quality of skin currying to make it smooth and soft without flaws. Some manufacturers treated skins of sheep badly, and they preserve the natural odor, and many people do not like it.

Usually New Zealand sheep skins are considered to be the highest quality. There are also many sheepskins and carpets producers in Turkey, India, Nepal, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and other countries; among them you can find quality products too.