Your child needs the costume for Halloween, but you have neither time to sew it nor a possibility to buy it in the shop? In this article you’ll find the easiest solutions, which will help you to make costumes with your own hands in a very short time.

The costume of mummy

On the way home, go to the pharmacy and buy a few rolls of bandage. When the holiday will come, wrap your baby like a real mummy, and your original costume is done!

The costume of witch

Find your baby the black T-shirt or golf and run up a puffy skirt. The tutu is made of black sateen (you can find a lot of master classes in Internet showing how to do it). You can complete the image with the striped tights and (if you have time) make the cap out of cardboard.

The costume of ghost

You’ll need a white sheet and scissors. Cut the holes for eyes. You can also make a hole for mouth in some distorted shape.

The costume of omelet

To make this costume, you’ll need a white sheet, yellow paint, brushes and scissors.
Cut the holes for hands and head in the sheet. In the center of the cloth (in the area of belly) draw the yellow circle (yolk of egg). You can also paint in a piece of bacon.

The costume of hippie

To make this costume, you’ll need a grandmother’s chest. The girls will need bright long skirts, waistcoats, blouses, colorful headbands, old-style sun glasses, all kinds of bracelets and baubles. All the hippies had long hair. If your hair is a bit short, you can wear a wig.

The costume of old man

You’ll the old clothes of dark color, flannel hat and walking stick. You can paint your hair with tonic and flour it. The costume is ready!

The costume of puppy

You’ll need brown, black or white paints. If you decided to make a dalmatian, cut the black spots out of paper. Make the ears out of cardboard and attach them with the hairpins. The style of clothes will depend on the chosen breed of dog. Add some make-up. Make the costume of cat in the same way. Everything depends on your imagination!

The costume of Frankenstein for Halloween

The costume is made very easily. The main thing is to make up your face. Smear it with pale green paint or gouache. Tie the wine cork, divided in half to the neck, to the neck. The thread, smeared with paint, will create the effect of the sewn neck. You’ll create a frightening impression in the darkness. Of course, you’ll need the dark clothes: the jacket and the black shirt.