Indoor fountains, designed for different interiors, may be very different in appearance, size and material from which they are made. They are made out of stone, metal, ceramic or even wood. Gift shops, including those that sell indoor plants may offer floor, wall and desktop versions of these products.

So-called ceiling fountains are relatively rare. In this case, water flows from the plafond attached to the ceiling and goes into a special receiver on the floor. When this happens the water column is forming. Most often it is made hollow and a sculpture or a tree is put inside of it.

In other cases, they may look like a tiny river with meandering riverbed, running among the mossy stones that are overgrown with charming indoor ferns. Some of them are lightly jetting upwards, spraying water in a water bowl or gently rolling the stone balls of different sizes. The hollow bamboo tubes, on which water drains, are also an interesting solution for indoor fountain.
To enhance the effect a variety of colored lights and special tools are often used – diffusers that allow you to create a fog, flowing over a basin of “lake” or “waterfall.” All this gives a shade of romance and mystery to the whole composition.

Before placing such a structure in the interior, it must be very well thought-out system of waterproofing. This is important to ensure that unexpected dampness or mold would not appear on the walls or floor of the room. The individual elements of the decor of any fountain also require servicing. For their beauty not to be spoiled by excessively overgrown algae, moss and accumulated silt there is a need of regular cleaning of these parts.

The basis of the indoor fountain is an electrical pump. Its task is to raise the water to the sufficient for the product operation height. As with any other similar equipment, it will require an electrical power outlet that is protected from direct exposure of water.

Home mini-fountain
This is the most miniature of indoor fountains. This category includes tabletop fountains. They look like the look of their larger counterparts, can be very different. These may be metal articles whose beauty is geometric purity sharp lines. This interior decoration is perfect for minimalist ‘technology-related’ style, as, for example, high-tech.

For other styles ceramics will match. The natural color of baked clay, painted with light water coating will be in harmony with the rural style. Color or dark, mottled or monochrome glaze, covering the original terracotta and the original form of clay vessels, allow such a fountain to fit naturally into almost any interior.
Most miniature fountains do not require special preparation, they can be brought out of the store and just put on the table, plugged in and you can enjoy their beauty.