Does your family want new emotions? Or perhaps you have decided to treat your child, haven’t you? Give him or her piece of joy, and let it be an adventure for both of you! You can attach the wheels to the bed and get a car, or put the whole road to the wall. Most important and useful thing here for you will be your imagination. Your child will absolutely love these inventions!

    This kids’ bed can be a place for games. It can act as a pirate ship and a secret treasure chest, as a vehicle for young drivers (you can attach a steering wheel in the sidebar). It will be a lair for your baby in which he can hide from the terrible monsters. Especially in such a house your kid will get off to sleep much better than in usual bed, believe me!
    You will have to do a little magic for creating such a road. To do this you will need an old tire, blue paint, large cooking pot, burdock root and frog foot. I think you have guessed it was a joke. All of this let’s leave for the children’s fairy tales, but we will need completely different things: magnetic board, which you can get to order and toy cars. Imagine friends coming after school and seeing a road on the wall. Yes, your child will instantly be the coolest in school!
    Create a large and comfortable seat for your child. It can be used in any room, it will always be interesting. Include your design skills and create! Make it special, for example, in the form of a drum. The main thing is that the baby can drum as much as necessary, without disturbing the neighbors. Help your children to develop talents!
  4. SWING
    If you want to be the parent of the year, than this idea is for you! Create DIY swing for the kid from rope, fabric or even tires. Just make safe anchorages. Maybe that you are the parent of young Tarzan!
    This sofa will please any kid, because every child is trying to find a place in the house for him or her. It can be made of mattresses, blankets and pillows. The advantage of this sofa is the transformation into the other furniture, and most importantly it can be used for jumping, because children do love it!
    If you want to create a truly unique atmosphere of a children’s bedroom, the ceiling can become a key part of the design. Colorful ceiling can become the center of the room, adding charm and fairy-tale interior. If a young pirate, fairy or cosmonaut live in your house, then you will love this idea.

    • Starry Sky
      Glowing stars and planets are always fascinating. Design of ceilings, made in the style of the sky is a win-win both for boys and girls.
    • Canopies and testers
      An oriental-style canopy can add a touch of charm and mystery to the room of a young beauty. False ceiling in combination with creative lighting will definitely be a highlight of the interior.
    • Magic Sky
      Perhaps the starry sky seems trivial to you, then you can decorate the ceiling of colorful flowers, thus creating an atmosphere of fairy tales and magic. Depending on the theme of the interior, choose a color and pattern so that it coincides with the walls.