‘Children are flowers of life’ – all parents would agree with this statement which has already become a winged phrase. They won’t argue with other well-known statement too: we give children the very best that we have. And, creating the interior of the children bedroom, we seek to express it in all your care and love.

A girl’s room for many parents seems to be like the world of pink fabrics, air curtains and caramel-colored wallpapers. But that kind of room is more likely similar to the magical realm of Barbie dolls, and it won’t be to the taste for many children. Creating a children room design for a child who already knows how to talk and express his or her thoughts, psychologists recommend in the first place to ask for advice the future owner of the room. First of all it concerns the choice of colors: the children are very receptive, and in a room with walls and furniture of a certain shade, they cannot feel really comfortable. For the rest, creating kids bedroom interior on your own, remember that girl necessarily needs to have space for games. Large wardrobes and tables may hamper living space and a large warm rug in the center of the room, on the contrary, can become a magical puppet country.

Oddly enough, but while working on the design of rooms for their sons parents usually show more creative imagination. Here it’s not limited to pink wallpapers and matching curtains, but goes much further. Kids’ room for boys can be turned into a spaceship, a secret laboratory or Spider-Man’s lain. You can even leave a children room design for your baby neutral, but interesting for the kid.

The parents of different sex children, living in one room, get the most difficult task. In this case it is necessary to create a children’s design that would suit both for a boy and a girl. The most optimal solution to this difficult situation is to divide the room visually into two parts, and equally ones if possible. Thus, each of the kids will have his or her personal space. At the same time the interior of both halves can be done in the same way, but you can – add “female” and “male” notes to the different parts of the room.

If the size of the room allows, it is not superfluous to equip a small play area. Depending on the capabilities of the parents, it can be just a big carpet with children’s table and chairs or a small slide or swing. When the baby gets older, gym wall bars with the rope and the horizontal bar will be useful. As you know, children’s energy is inexhaustible, and it is good if the child splashes it out in active play and sports. Another good way to take the child and develop his or her creative abilities – to allocate a wall in the kids’ room on which he or she can draw. Especially for children’s creativity there are special stickers on the wall, simulating a blackboard.