Many fans of grilling finds the charcoal the best possible. However, some people find it rather problematic. The charcoal burns stronger than gas. That’s why it fits perfectly for the browning of stakes and other meat dishes.

The charcoal grills have a lot of advantages, as compared with the traditional braziers:

  1. With the charcoal grills, the food is cooked much faster. The dishes turn out very tasty, juicy, and never dry up.
  2. The food, made under the lid of charcoal grill, is much more wholesome than the food cooked on the brazier. The products don’t lose their useful qualities and vitamins, as they’re cooked much faster and at a very high temperature.
  3. The charcoal grills are very firm, durable and resistant. And these qualities are very important.

However, the charcoal grills have some disadvantages- they make more dirt and require constant care and attention.

Who invented the first charcoal grill?

The charcoal grill was invented in the late fifties by George Stephen from Chicago. In the past, American fried burgers and stakes on ordinary braziers. George Stephen invented and developed the first spherical legged charcoal grill with a lid. The first exemplar of charcoal grill was made out of the coastal buyo. It was split in half- the upper part served as a lid, while the lower one- as a caldron for putting coal.

The first charcoal grills were produced by the trade mark Weber. In our time, this company is a leading producer of grills, and not only in America, but all over the world. Weber Company has proved that the charcoal grill is very safe. The barbecues Weber allow you to fry stakes, shashliks, bake a goose, make pizza, smoke fresh fish, and even cook different original desserts.

The kinds of charcoal grills

  1. The multifunctional charcoal grills for café and restaurants.
  2. The charcoal grills of basic complete equipment.
  3. The portable charcoal grills- for beginners.

There is a long-standing discussion among the grill fans about what kind of grill is better- the gas or the charcoal. Surely, gas grills are easier in operation and faster in firing. However, only charcoal grills can give the dish inimitable scent of smoke. And without it, the barbecue is not so tasty! Only real charcoals are able to add the wonderful smoky smell to the dishes and give it the special energy of “living” fire.