Noble statues made of marble give a luxurious look to the landscaping. This traditional material is often used for sculptures in the classical style, figures of angels, the proud-hearted animal, majestic columns and exquisite amphora. In our climatic conditions, different varieties of marble do not change the appearance in 25 to 100 years. In winter experts advise to shelter that kind of ornaments. Granite is more durable, and well suited for garden products in a classic style. This sculpture made of stone allows to create and perpetuate even the most complex images.

Choosing the statue in bronze or marble, you should pay attention to the features of these materials. Marble likely “absorb” the rays of light, products from it look very smooth, they seem to glow from within. The bronze sculpture is characterized by pretty sharp features, reflecting the light with flesks. Therefore, marble products are designed to be studied at close range, and bronze statues, on the contrary, are preferable to open areas. Choosing a garden sculpture, it is worth considering this aspect.

Forged products are popular too, most of which are fantasy plants, amazing animals, or animals. Sometimes, there are also works of philosophical orientation.

The ancient Greeks and Romans – the first who began to decorate their gardens with sculptures in marble depicting gods or heroes. Over time, the fashion for garden sculptures has gradually changing, but the antique statues of men and now adorn the landscape garden, designed in the classical style. Statues of Greek heroes emphasize their vigor: tense hands before the battle with the enemies, warlike look, tense muscles with prominent veins.

Classic works of ancient times are very proportional, especially to enhance the beauty of the male body. Just beautiful young men, gods, heroes and mythical humanoid male characters will decorate your garden.

Classical sculptors often depicted goddesses with perfect forms, emitting a hill and renunciation of mind.

The sculpture, depicting a beautiful woman or a young girl, would look great in the garden. Female figure, half-hidden by greenery, located in a secluded corner looks especially romantic. Sculptures of women decorate any space; the main point is to choose the size and material products properly.

Sculptures depicting children, you can set in the garden or on the farm site. Especially prevalent are the figurines of angels, which are traditionally placed at the entrance to the house. Any garden or park ensemble will decorate a charming Cupid with unchanged bow and arrows, such monuments and sculptures in bronze will be the subject of your friends’ admiration.