The modern market of children’s products is full of proposals of children’s swings that differ in price, design, child’s age, conditions of use.

All kinds of children’s swings are divided into: electronic, suspension and floor. According to the terms of use – on swing for home and street.

Selection guide for home swings

When choosing a swing for home use you can use these tips:

  1. Check safety of constructions. No matter what swings, suspended or floor, they must have a margin of safety and reliability, to be heavy for stability (floor), have locks, brake or skid pad. Better, of course, to buy products of certified manufacturers that ensures safety, quality and environmental friendliness of the product.
  2. Each type of swings is designed for a certain weight and age of the baby. This should be considered when buying. For newborn babies, you can choose swings with a sign 0+, which means “from birth.”
  3. Inspect the frame of product, it should not cause you have suspicions. Safety indicator is the availability of a see-saw bumper or safety belts, or better both.

Swings for newborns

Infant swings are called modern rocking venues. Swings have not only the function of vibration (motion), they are programmed to play different melodies (GRACO Sweetpeace), have different speeds of motion, some have mobility (Sugar Plum Fisher-Price) and the canopy (Mocha Butterfly Papasan from Fisher-Price).
Several states of swings back allow to use swings to a different age of the child. Sometimes chair may also serve as a carrying.

Suspended swings

The most unreliable form of children’s swings. But they have a number of indisputable advantages.
They are very mobile: they can be used both at home and on the street. They practically do not take up space in the house, they can, if necessary, remove and get. And this is a significant plus in a city apartment. These swings are light, they do not have sharp corners, they fix well the baby, and some “grow” with the child.

Floor swings

You can use floor swings from one year, they are less mobile, but also useful as a pendant. This type of swing is not the most compact, and therefore space for installation, ie, area of the room should be large. They come in several variants: with soft bumpers and seats with tables, electronic, metal, plastic.

The advantage of such a swing in their softness (soft covers on the back, bumpers, bumper, groin strap, hanging construction), security (all sharp angles and connection mechanisms are safely hidden by cloth), stability (rubber “soles” and “corners” on the legs). It is also important that the soft lining, preferably made of oilskin materials that require minimal care, but have a low strength, torn and cracked.