The Swiss Army knife is a pocket folding knife, classic pocketknife.
This legendary blade is the result of more than a century of innovation. It is truly one of the best pocket knives tools in the world. That is the brand with a worldwide reputation. Everyone uses it – from boy scouts to presidents, officially, these folding knives are NASA equipment.

It has been developed over a century ago for the soldiers, and it has quickly become a legendary knife.

These knives are available in two Swiss companies – Victorinox and Wenger. Victorinox was founded a few years earlier, in 1884. Victorinox’s slogan is “Original Swiss Army Knife”. Wenger’s slogan is “True Swiss Army Knife”. The Swiss government shared military orders equally between them. In 2005, Victorinox bought Wenger, and in 2014 the trademark «Wenger» ceased to exist.

Logos are somewhat different – first company has cross on the shield; the second one had a cross in the rounded rectangle.

On-going lineup includes besides a hundred varieties of the classic Swiss knives also more than 260 species of other handheld tool.

The first Swiss Army knife was manufactured in 1891 it was consisted of four items – a knife, an awl, a screwdriver and a can opener.

The top-of-the-range now is a Swiss Champ (Swiss Champion) contains 22 tools and can perform 33 functions.

General characteristics of Swiss knives: The standard length is 91 mm, steel is Sandvic 12C27, descents from the butt, when grinding the permitted thickness tolerance of the blade and details is 0.02 mm, handle material is PVC, spacers and seals are aluminum fasteners – studs and rivets.

They are not as massive as army combat knives, which can be bought only with a special permit for knives storage, but you can rely on them with the same confidence. You will not find in 8.4-centimeter device arm-saw, pliers, chisels, but always you will find a can opener, a screwdriver and a ring for a keychain.

After World War II, American soldiers who were located in Europe added this knife popularity and all folding knives became known as “Swiss knives”.

In 2008, “Swiss soldier knife” was designed and released – unlike “army” one, it can be opened with one hand.

Spring is the main ingenious mechanism of a knife, which brought it success. The secret signature sound of Swiss knife was in the spring. And just using this click, which is peculiar only to the original Swiss knife you can distinguish the original from a fake. Asian pseudo-up cannot sound so great when mechanism is triggered.

Now there are knives with MP3, USB and electronic altimeters.

There have been developed, but did not go into production models with a flashlight, a knife with a built-in tape measure, a comb, a potato peeler.

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