In our time ceiling fans look much more modern and attractive than formerly. Despite its simple function, such fan cools really well and plays an important role in the ventilation of accommodation. However, its action is aimed not at the room ventilation, but at the cooling of people in the hot season.

The advantages of ceiling fans

Nowadays there are many different room cooling systems. Let’s begin by understanding which benefits the ceiling fans have as compared to the other cooling devices:
1. The energy consumption of ceiling fans is almost 40% less than in the other air conditioning systems.
2. You can easily have several ceiling fans at home.
3. The ease of installation.
4. The cost of this fan is much less than that of the air-conditioner, but the quality of cooling is just as good.
5. The chandeliers with fans for kitchen are very popular, as very few people install the air-conditioner in this apartment.

Ceiling chandeliers with fans

You can install not only a single fan as a cooling system of your house but also buy a chandelier with fan. So, the ceiling fan won’t take much space on your ceiling.
The fans of these chandeliers can be switched on with the help of switch, chain under the fan, or control panel. The ceiling chandeliers with control panel are an excellent device, allowing controlling the rate of fan and lamp working without leaving the couch.



What must you take into account when buying a ceiling fan with lamp?

1. Give preference to the multifunctional fans, as they can be used both in summer and winter. In winter the air ventilation will go not down, but in the direction of ceiling.
2. If you want to buy a fan for outdoors or veranda, pay attention to its firmness. There are special outdoor models on sale.
3. The manufacturing material of blades must be heat-resistant, as the lamp can heat the fan at the time of working.
4. For kitchen and bathroom, choose only the chandeliers with fan made of moisture-proof materials.
5. If the room, where you want to install the fan, has the big space, choose the ones with big blades.