Surely, the floor lamps are the most “home” and comfortable of all the variety of lighting devices. The soft light, flowing gently from under the shade, relaxes, calms, brings harmonization and peace of mind.

Nowadays the floor lamps experience their second birth. They settle gladly in every house, giving peace to their owners. Let’s find out, what kinds of floor lamps are there, how to choose and where to place these devices.

The advantages of floor lamps

It’s a common knowledge that the floor lamp is the lamp standing on the floor and supporting the shade with the high rod. But not everyone knows that the floor lamps perform several functions in the interior. Their first function is zoning. Using the floor lamp, you can divide the room into zones. Naturally, the part of room, where the floor lamp is, is given to the recreation area. There you can either read, or watch TV, rest under a warm plaid, sinking back against the pillows with your eyes closed.

The second function of floor lamps is the help in decoration. The modern floor lamp is not the lamp which our grannies placed next to their arm-chairs. Entering the lighting devices store, you can easily get lost in the variety of floor lamp shades, offered by the manufacturers. Here you can find a suitable lamp for any interior and any purposes. But even if you didn’t manage to find the desired option in the shop assortment, you can choose the exclusive model, which will be made and brought to order.

Comparing the floor lamps with their “brothers” (wall or table lamps), you can notice some advantages of the first ones:

  1. In contrast to the sconces (wall lamps), to install the floor lamps you don’t have to make holes in the wall. The main thing is that there is a wall outlet near at hand.
  2. In contrast to the table lamps, the floor lamps require neither continental headboard nor coffee table. It is placed right on the floor.
  3. Only the floor lamp has the mobility, inaccessible to the other lamps. It can be easily transported and installed in any place of the room. It is unimportant if there is a table or bedside-table there.

Choosing the floor lamp, you must take into account the style of the room interior decoration.

The manufacturers of lighting devices try their best to produce the lamps of different materials, colors and forms, to satisfy the requirements of every customer as much as possible.