The delicate children’s skin is very susceptible to external agencies. Synthetics and the fabrics treated with chemical composition, and even poorly twisted threads can cause allergic reactions, reddening and eruption. If you want to avoid such problems and prevent the irritation of your child’s skin, you should pay attention to the eco baby clothes out of organic fabrics. They are made of selected organic materials and have natural origin. The natural fabric base is grown, gathered and treated according to the strict production standards. The fabrics are GMO-, pesticides- and chemicals- free.

Organic baby clothes of natural cotton

Organic cotton is a hundred-per-cent eco-friendly material, grown without the use of chemicals and gathered manually in the conditions of maximal preservation of environment. Organic cotton is not exposed to the chlorine bleaching and is painted only with natural paints. The eco-clothes of organic cotton are mostly bought for the smallest children and newborns. The thing is, their skin is especially susceptible to the unnatural fabrics and materials, treated with synthetic compositions.

Babies’ eco-clothes of organic cotton:

  1. Transmit the air, doesn’t upset the operation of skin breathing and doesn’t create “hotbed effect”. The clothes of ordinary cotton can hold the ingress of air.
  2. Doesn’t cause skin irritations and eruptions, as organic cotton is not treated with chemicals neither at the stage of growing, nor at the time of treatment and the manufacture of threads.
  3. It is more durable in comparison with the clothes of ordinary cotton.

Babies’ eco-clothes of organic wool

The principal wool suppliers all over the world are sheep. At that, the mark “100 % wool” on label doesn’t secure the organic composition of fibers.
The most natural and safe kind of wool is organic wool with the marking “100% organic wool demeter”. This kind of wool implies the strict observance of all current standards: the animal grazing is realized in a free way, they are kept under natural conditions and treated humane. There are no growth hormones, antibiotics and chemicals in their fodder. Harmful synthetic compounds are not used for the wool treatment and tailoring.