Acura NSX 2015-2016

The new sports car Acura NSX 2015-2016 is one of the most anticipated novelties, presented at the time of Detroit auto show 2015. The production version of Japanese mid-engine sports car Acura NSX of the second generation debuts 25 years after the presentation of the first generation model NSX from Honda.
The new car can boast of hybrid power plant with petrol 3.5-L V6-engine, equipped with a pair of turbo compressors. It also has three electric motors, all-wheel drive, nine-speed robotized gearbox, beautiful appearance and interior, ultra-modern body and frame manufacturing materials. The new car will come into the markets of Europe under the name of Honda NSX. According to the preliminary data, the cost of the car will be no less than 130 000 euro.


Acura MDX 2015

Meet the new and updated Acura MDX 2015!
The main improvements
It’s interesting that the car consists of both heavy and light metals (aluminum and steel). Due to this fitting, the car weighs 125 kg less than its predecessor. Naturally, these factors can influence the cost of separate model varieties (for instance, the front-wheel-drive model). As a result of the facts mentioned above, the air resistance reduced by 17 %. Besides, the car is equipped with the modern systems for a crash danger warning, the recognition of threat encounter FCW, and the warning in the case of convergence of the traffic lanes. The car is also equipped with the cruise control and the function Low-Speed Follow. This function allows going slowly behind the riding auto, keeping apart.

Acura TLX 2015

The sale of luxurious sedan Acura TLX will start very soon! The engineers and designers, working at its creation, managed to surprise the experts and motoring fans with the high technological level of car equipment and the extensive list of equipment, offered in the basic version of the sedan. One of the main advantages of the new car is the fact the stock car acquired as sportive and dynamic exterior as its’ predecessor Acura TLX Concept, presented at the time of last year’s Detroit auto show. The novelty looks very fashionable and reckless. Besides, the concept car, ready for the mass production, acquired the modern components and hardware, including the high-power engines, high-tech gearboxes, and suspenders.