Bedroom is one of the most important parts of the house or apartment. Men and women spend a third of their lives in bed, dreaming or (at the time of wake) lapse into day-dreams and fantasies. The bedroom décor must be quiet and cozy. This room personifies intimate pastime. The comfort, intended only for the owners of this room, must reign in the bedroom. The bedroom décor is dictated not only by the personal preferences and tastes of the house owners, but also by the general styles of the other rooms.

First of all, the decoration of bedroom represents both the design of the walls, ceiling, floor and windows, and the decoration of the bed, table, mirror and other attributes, responsible for the personal atmosphere. Usually, the light shades are used for the decoration of bedroom. However, in certain cases, men and women choose the bright colors. Many people prefer dark and dull shades with the general effect of twilight and mysteriousness. Sometimes people use yellow color for the bedroom decoration, as it expresses optimism. Green is perfect for the bedroom, as it clams and takes off the weariness. The blue shades increase mental activity. So, it is better to use them for the decoration of study.

You can also use such soft colors as blue and rose in the bedroom. Besides, this color score promotes comfortable reading before sleep, phone conversation or relaxing with your loved one. The bedroom décor must dispose to the pleasant dreams. Besides, it requires silence and retirement. That’s why the bedroom must be isolated from the other rooms of the house and equipped in appropriate way. At that, the layout of the bedroom and every detail in it is of great importance. The bedroom décor shows the character of its owners.

Every part of the bedroom must perform a lot of functions. However, it makes no sense to encumber the room with partitions and screen. It’s quite enough to mark every required corner with ceiling and wall lighting. In certain cases, the bedroom design can combine the elements of living room and kitchen. For instance, you can place the bar counter, TV set and bookcase, coffee table and comfortable arm-chairs. However, it is acceptable only in the large accommodations.
The bedroom décor must delight your eyes, while all the fitments have to keep a positive mood and make a good impression.