The word “lamp shade” is always associated with the floor lamp. But the popular belief that the lamp shade is used only for the floor lamp is wrong. The lamp shade also go well with chandeliers, wall and table lamps. They’re intended to change bright dazzle light into the scattered, soft and dull. If you cover the table lamp with the lamp shade, it can turn from the working instrument to the wonderful night-light for bedroom. The lamp shade on the chandelier can change the room completely. For example, it can turn a simple kitchen into the place of romantic supper. This item can also help you to rest and relax.

To choose the proper lamp shade, you should take into account three characteristics of this device: form, color and size. The choice of color is determined by the color of wall painting and the prevailing color of the room interior. There are some basic rules, helping you to choose the most suitable lamp shade.

For the kitchen or living-room, choose green or yellow lamp shade. These colors cheer up and create the festival atmosphere. The tangerine (yellow) is the main symbol of New Year. For the bedroom you should buy the blue lamp shade. This color creates the atmosphere of peace and promotes healthy sleep. This color also fits for the quiet reading and rest. Red color is used very rarely, as it irritates the eyes. Different shades can be used for the creation of lamp shade. As for the material, it can be paper or cloth. That’s why it should be kept at the safe distance from the lamp. You must understand that the dark lamp shade spreads the light up and down at the same time, and the light device scatters it evenly.

The size of the lamp shade depends on the measurements of apartment, where it will be located. For the small room, it is better to choose small lighting. Here the large items will look bad. It will only emphasize the size of the room. As for the large hall, it’s better to choose massive option. The most common form of lamp shade is a cap, but there are also other forms, such as: prism, oval, cylinder, etc. The lamp shades are widely used for floor lamps. The wall lamps can be also decorated with the lamp shade.

This detail of interior will create comfort anywhere. If you need to read, you can light the particular place. You can also use it just to make the room atmosphere more intimate. In addition, there are some devices, regulating the intensity of lighting.