If you plan to spend your vacation in Thailand, you certainly need to learn about the resort pearl of this country- Pattaya. A great number of beaches are located in this resort area. In most cases, Pattaya beaches are very clean. The tourist service infrastructure is fully developed along the coastline.

The peculiarities of rest in Pattaya

The local population will gladly offer you a wide choice of marine delicacies and cold beverages. Everywhere you can see the rental agencies of wave runners. You can also ride “banana” or “bun”. It is pleasant to know that there are no private beaches in Thailand. It means that the whole coastline is free to visit for all comers. In view of the fact that the Thailand Gulf has an outlet to the midocean, the ebbs and flows happen frequently. Besides, at this time the beach can be totally flooded. Or else, the water can rush back so much that you’ll have to walk about 100 m to bathe. There are some vicissitudes of nature, but you can easily adjust yourself to them for a couple of days. After all, it is possible to synchronize watches according to the local flows. But in general, Pattaya weather is very pleasant. Because of local geographical features, the storms never happen in these parts of the world.

The most popular beaches of Pattaya

The north side of Pattaya resort offers a lot of beaches, available for the tourists’ visit:

  1. Naklua Pattaya is one of the most popular northern beaches. The local infrastructure is not so developed, as it adjoins 2 large hotels. Nevertheless, the beach disposes of all necessary components of a good rest. At the time of ebbs, it is advisable to look underfoot, walking about the sea bottom, as you can step on a sharp splinter of rock or coral.
  2. The center beach of Pattaya, or Beach Road, can boast of an excellent infrastructure, but it has some disadvantages as well. It is rather narrow, in some places no more than 20 m. And to top it all, the highway passes directly behind it. The length of the beach itself doesn’t exceed 3 km.
  3. The lovers of budget vacation won’t find a better place in Pattaya than Jomtien Beach. This beach is more than 7 km length. The advantage of this place is that it is less crowded. However, the sandy bottom isn’t very clean, and you can easily step on the sharp coral.

Whatever beach you’ll choose, this heavenly spot will give you everything you could have expected from the rest on the ocean coast. The best and the cleanest beaches of Pattaya are always glad to receive the tourists!