The category of programs for recovering deleted files included earlier quite a few free products. Basically, this niche was occupied by commercial applications. However, today there are a number of best professional data recovery software. Each of the programs has passed the test procedure to identify the most appropriate ones.

Description of the testing procedure:
Various storage devices were used for testing, including usb flash drives, SD, MMC, SM, CF, MS, Micro SD, SSD, SATA hard drive, IDE, and SCSI. In the beginning, each device recorded the necessary files (office documents, photos, PST files, Outlook-and others). These files were then deleted and different files were written to the disk again. After that, these files were deleted. Then they made a quick format of the drives. After all this, every best data recovery software had to recover all the files without errors. All programs from the list, except PC Inspector, managed to show excellent results.

The best data recovery software for pc Power data Recovery (free version) was far ahead of its competitors. The program was able to recover 1GB in 85 seconds and it also managed to recover all 106 files after the last formatting of the disk. In addition, the program has an intuitive interface, which will to suit to a user of any level of training.

The application also includes the function of search and recovery of deleted partitions. Of course, this is more specific for disk partition managers, but it can also be useful for data recovery, for example, if a partition has been damaged on the recovered disk.

Disk Drill is a simple and convenient best free data recovery software.
The best free software to recover deleted files called Disk Drill is a very easy in use. The interface is well done, it takes only a few mouse clicks to restore the files. If we consider in terms of performance, the program recovered 1GB in 87 seconds. However, its speed did not affect the results of the deep scan. The program was able to recover only 19 out of 106 files.
So, if we talk in general, Handy Recovery (Disk Drill for Windows) is more suitable for ordinary cases. However, if you want the program no to have limitations on recoverable volumes, you can use it first. MiniTool should be used in difficult situations.

Test Disk is a fast and cross-platform remote data recovery program among the best data recovery tools.
The best free program to recover deleted Disk files is an open source program. It was able to recover 1GB in 83 seconds; this is one of the fastest programs in the class. Test Disk is a cross-platform application which is pre-installed on some Linux distributions and a live CD.
The program has many useful options, including support for different types of disk partitions. It does not require installation to run. Test Disk can be run even from under DOS. In addition to good file recovery capabilities, the utility can also fix and restore partitions and boot sectors. That will allow you to understand quickly even difficult situations.

If we talk about the shortcomings, the Test Disk has no graphical interface and it can be used only by experienced users. Of course, there are fairly detailed instructions on how to use it on the Internet. But, still, they are more intended for technically savvy users.

PC Inspector file Recovery is a very simple data recovery program.
The best free program to recover deleted files from called Inspector file Recovery is another free utility to recover deleted files. The program has quite a nice graphical interface, but it is still worse than of its analogues. The program also has some bugs. For example, the program does not always show the letters of the sections correctly. So, from time to time you have to rely on best free data recovery tools.