All Saints’ Day is impossible without the descendants of famous count Dracula! Vampires are indispensable characters of this holiday. If you decided to go to the party together, the couple Halloween costumes is just the thing.

It is quite easy to create the sinister image with your own hands. You just need to show your imagination and creativity. Vampire is one of the most common characters of Halloween. How to make the costumes of vampires with your own hands?

The costume for him

For the creation of men’s image you’ll need: white shirt, classical black trousers and waistcoat. You can also take an ordinary three-piece suit. The waistcoat can be red to match the coat lining. The whole image must be of 3 colors- black, white and red. If you want, you can do without white, but blood-red is necessary.
If there is no such suit in your wardrobe, you can sew it (if you have free time and sewing skills). Every bloodsucker needs a long black coat. It is easy to sew it with your own hands. You need two cloth rectangles of the same size (black and bright red). If you can, choose the red cloth with satin gloss.
Sew two pieces of cloth together. On the top of the coat, retreat 10 cm from the top, sew on the link and put the cord in it. Complete the vampire costume for Halloween with the walking stick and cylinder hat. But if you can’t get them, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes they can be out of place.

The costume of her

Creating the Halloween costume for the vampire girl, you can show your imagination. The main colors of clothes are the same- black and white. You can choose the austere Gothic style, putting on the long clothes, or create the image of sexual vampire girl. Your dress must be beautiful and elegant, irrespective of its length.

The tight corsets can make an excellent impression. The vampire girl doesn’t need to have a coat, but it will add showiness. You can make the women’s hooded coat. Or you can put on the same coat as your partner. Complete your image with matching accessories.

If you have the short dress, put on the fishnet black stockings and patent-leather high-heeled shoes. Stress your waist with the wide patent-leather belt. Get on long black or openwork gloves. If you decided not to wear a hooded coat, a small cap with veil and flower will do.

The costumes are ready! Your images will frighten everybody!