7 Data Recovery Software now Disk Drill.

Rating: 9.5/10
Unlike most tools that provide access only to FAT and NTFS file systems, this utility will allow you to work with other popular users: Apple Mac OS, FreeBSD, Solaris, Linux. Only the best professional data recovery software are capable of this. The tool for file recovery has a very powerful functionality, so, of course, it is worth the money. In the demo version you can try to bring back to life files up to 64 KB (small text documents).
Program features:
Recovery of files from their service information;
Work with datasets;
The ability to work on the search for remote computer information on the network;
An additional option is to create a startup disk;
Creating a virtual image of a physical disk or a specific part of it;
Highly customizable search options ( it is desirable to have special knowledge to use it);
It is a complex of restoring and supporting utilities.

Wondershare Data Recovery.

Rating: 9.3/10
Let Wondershare Data Recovery is slightly inferior in terms of capabilities to the nearest competitors, but the utility wins in terms of usability and performance quality parameters. It is cheaper than the famous German R-Studio. It scans faster and finds even more than lost files. The program has English interface. The path from the application start to the output of the results takes 5 clicks. It will all be made by a step by step wizard. We also want to note the non-standard sorting of found objects. They are grouped by format and folder tree.
Key features of the best data recovery software Wondershare Data Recovery:
Easy and fast scanning speed;
Search for files, folders, partitions while preserving structure;
Supports all possible media right up to the camera’s memory;
Two algorithms to choose from;
The ability to preview;
Unusual but comfortable grouping of objects;
Low cost, licensed copy.


Rating: 9/10
Recuva is the most popular and best data recovery software for pc at the moment and for the last decade. Even a novice user will understand its interface.
Its features:
It will enable you to recover files from hard drives, various memory cards, USB sticks;
It is suitable for Windows 7 and Windows 8 and 10, still popular XP, as well as the operating system of an earlier version;
It was designed to recover information lost as a result of manual accidental deletion of the file in the Recycled bin, system failure or unexpected error;
It works within the framework of the FAT, NTFS file systems;
There is a search function by name;
The easy-to-use recovery utility is available for download in the usual way and in the portable version. That is, it can be brought with you on a flash drive, run and perform data recovery on any computer without clogging its registry;
It allows you to customize the functionality. This will make it easier for users who have at least minimal skills in using such programs and who want to reduce the search time.

Pandora Recovery.

Rating: 8.5/10
Pandora Recovery allows you to recover files deleted from NTFS and FAT file systems. It is free as well as Recuva. There is one of the best free data recovery software with a feature of preview of text files and images before you run them with CPR. This is important if the information is written to the same media.
Key utility benefits:
The program provides advanced remote data recovery capabilities. It allows you to access information from disks after re-formatting, deleting from hard drive with damaged file system. It is likely to allow you to reopen recently deleted files, the MFT record which was used by the system again;
The app allows you to search for information using filters (by name, date of creation or last access, file size) or select a file from the table;
It restores archived and compressed files;
The program allows you to analyze the possibility of restoring accidentally sent to delete information, taking into account the clusters in which it was written, used or not used by the system again.

PC Inspector file Recovery.

Rating: 8.5/10
If the best 5 data recovery software for Windows listed above are intended for different storage media, then PC INSPECTOR will recover files exclusively from the hard disk, including after formatting it. It repairs damaged boot sectors or file table corruption (relevant for FAT).
Main features of one of the best data recovery tools:
It is good to use for different types of drives (SATA-HDD, IDE);
It works equally well in NTFS file systems, FAT 12/16/32;
It allows you to exchange data with network disks (to make restoration from their clusters and to write there the reanimated information);
It is unique for programs of this type. There is Special Recovery function to recover deleted data from files that are not referenced from the directory;
Wide range of file and document types that can be brought back to life (AVI, BMP, CDR, DOC, XLS, EXE, HTML, JPG, MID, MOV, MP3, PDF, PNG, RTF, TIF, WAV, ZIP, other common and specialized).

MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Rating: 8.5/10
The utility is paid, but sometimes it is given for free. Free – version is limited to 1 GB – that’s how much information it will restore at a time. If you haven’t accidentally deleted the video archive, that will be enough.
The program is equally good for obtaining information from hard disk partitions or from portable SD memory cards, as well as flash drives.
MiniTool Power Data Recovery has the following characteristics:
It allows you to recover manually deleted data as well as lost data after formatting. The app will find information with the disks attacked by viruses, hard drives with the broken boot-sector, after application of the FDISK program (breakdown of the disk), other actions and the arisen problems;
It helps with physical damage to the device;
It is suitable not only for hard drives, but also for other media, memory cards, USB drives, compressed discs, CD and DVD. This will help to restore the data in the form of photos and videos from the camera cards;
Relevant for file systems FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTS;
It allows not only to restore data, but also to put in order the broken partitions of hard disks.

Recover My Files.

Rating: 8.3/10
Let’s consider paid or shareware utilities. Recover My files has more powerful functionality than previously listed. It is available in a demo version that will show a list of found files and will make it clear whether it is worth hoping for a successful resuscitation of data damaged for various reasons. If the free version shows your lost files, it will make sense to try to get them. The paid option is available in three varieties and allows you to save previously deleted or lost information from any media.
Recover My Files Features:
It will help to recover deleted files, as well as lost under the influence of almost any reason (formatting hard drive and re-installation of the operating system, the destructive action of the virus, the sudden shutdown of the PC or hanging ON);
It conducts a search taking into account the peculiarities of the structure of damaged files;
The program is relevant for search and retrieval of text documents, images, multimedia, archives, e-mail files;
Suitable for FAT, NTFS file systems.