It’s not so difficult to recognize the bachelor’s apartment.

The men equip their house as functionally and reservedly as possible: minimum accessories and décor items, strict colors and practical solutions.

However, such interiors look simple only at first sight. It’s a difficult task to arrange the bachelor pad and keep the comfort, proper to any house. So, how can you combine the minimalistic décor with the fireside comfort?

Speaking of the interior design of bachelor apartment, we mean the self-dependent and confident man, keen on his work, spending time with friends and not thinking about serious relationship (at least at present). The priorities of this man include not family but career growth, self-expression and making money.

The ideas of bachelor pad planning

The bachelors mostly choose small house. The studio apartments and apartments with free planning are perfect for the bachelors. Two-room flats with separated bedroom are also very common.

The space should be open. The excess walls can not only rob the lightness, but also reduce the functionality.

Even the studio apartment needs the allocation of the bedroom. It is best to make it not with the help of color score, lighting or curtains, but by means of screens or gypsum cardboard walls. In this way, you’ll increase the sound insulation of separate room.
You can easily join the bathroom with the toilet. The space and practicality of the whole room will increase, but there will be no problems, as only one person will be constantly in the apartment.

The colors for bachelor pad

No screaming and bright colors! Muted dark colors are perfect for such interiors: black, rick-red, brown, grey and coffee-colored. You can combine different colors or use different shades of the same color. To place emphasis, you can use wine, primrose and grass green color. Such color score will suggest that this house belongs to the bachelor.

The decoration of bachelor pad

The designers don’t advise to resort to the complicated decisions, including the multilevel ceilings or curved walls. The best option is to use the interesting finishing materials. It’s necessary to pay attention to the quality, wear resistance and care necessity of materials.