Living room is the central place of family communication. After having dinner in the kitchen, the whole family gathers in the living room to continue the conversations. Besides, living room is the center of evening rest of family members. Here they can watch the news, films and interesting telecasts, listen to the music or read the book.
The second function of this room is the guest reception. As a result, this room must be comfortable both for the house owners and for the guests. That’s why the living room interior must be very original and help to accomplish these main tasks.

What is the living room in the apartment?
As a rule, the largest room in the apartment is designed as a living room. It must fit it all the family members. At that, everybody must feel comfortable. There are many options of realization the living room interior design. The house owners can choose any one of them. In this room you can realize all of your ideas, not limiting yourself with the functional requirements. You can perform the interior design in a single style or divide it into several zones, where every member of the family will feel comfortable.

As the living room accomplishes two functions, it can be divided into two zones- family and guest. These zones can be strictly demarcated, or flow smoothly to each other. For example: if you use the first option, the guest zone in the form of dining table and/or bar counter are highlighted and elevated on the small podium. But once you come down from the podium, you get to the softly lighted zone with the TV set, comfortable arm-chairs and bookcases.

If you choose the second destination of the living room (the guest reception) you need to think over the places for recreation and communication and not only family members. The dining table is more suitable for the formal atmosphere, some celebrations or family dinners. It is caused by the high level of the chair and top table. The furniture set with low landing and the use of coffee table is more suitable for the guest reception. In this case, you’ll be able to put the drinks or some delicacies on the table. The room can be equipped with the shelves and niches with some souvenirs and fancy articles. The pictures and photos on the wall will complete the living room interior.

Working on the interior of your living room, you should consider the opinions of all your family members. After all, this room is intended for the good pastime together.