Tiny ponds, verdant hedges, grass-plot and flower-bed- this bright picture gradually displaces greenhouses, seedbeds and other agrarian direction in the minds of many summer residents. It is no surprising, as an inexhaustible source of information enables the creation of exquisite and beautiful garden design with your own hands.

Rate the potential of your land plot

Of course, many summer residents find the meters of their land plot the best and the dearest. But when it comes to the landscape gardening, you should rate your property critically.

Pay attention to the age, quantity and state of trees, the presence of slopes, heights and rockiness, the remoteness of natural and underground water sources, the fall of sunlight on different parts of garden.

Any peculiarity of your garden-plot can be turned to your ally. For example, the rampant bush can become the “green shield”, able to conceal the plot from the prying eyes. And the plots with the old trees can be designed in the country style.

Draw up the plan

It’s time to arm with the pencils and paper. You need to indicate your plans and ideas on the sheet of paper. Perhaps, the visualization o your ideas will allow to correct your plans. At this stage you should determine the placing of plants and garden furniture.

Note the functional zones

Even the smallest garden must be both beautiful and functional. After all, it’s so pleasant to sit in the garden summer-house and contemplate the starry sky, while the owners will repair their car. It’s also necessary to leave the room for the summer kitchen. Developing the interesting ideas of garden and vegetable garden design with your own hands, you should be aware of the functional potential of your garden. All the family members must take part in the decoration of the garden-plot.

The realization of ideas

So, if you decided to perform the garden design with your own hands, without resorting to the experts, you should start with the large-scale works, such as smoothing, lighting, the installation of drainage system, the digging of foundation pit for the pond, the lawn planting, etc. Only after that you can start the planting, decorating the recreation area, etc.

You can turn your garden-plot into the heavenly spot with your own hands. The main thing is to awaken the desire to turn your house into a fairy-tale castle, and the interesting ideas will come to your imagination. It only remains to realize them and create the beautiful garden design with your own hands.