The wide assortment of interior items makes it easy to create a fashionable kitchen design. You can buy a ready-made furniture set and rest on your laurels. However, the designers remind the housewives, that the kitchen set is a special place where we store the condiments, cereals, kitchen implements and household appliances.

In addition, every housewife needs a kitchen table. As the kitchen set is usually not completed with the table, you should choose it especially carefully.

In the most cases, the kitchen is not just a place for cooking. It’s also a dining room. That’s why the kitchen table must be comfortable and multifunctional. Usually, the kitchen table consists of a table top and four legs. Such table will be a great help for a housewife and seat the whole family at a tasty dinner. Besides, this table is very comfortable to move, and tit has no stylistic restrictions.

Glass kitchen table is a perfect option both from a practical viewpoint and as a design find. The fitted kitchen are often made with the use of strong glass- transparent and milk, white, dark and colored, – there are a lot of variants. So, you can choose the suitable option for any interior. The glass table tops are unbreakable and non-absorbent, scratch-, moisture- and temperature-resistant. This glass isn’t simple but extra strong. So, you can easily put the hot pans on it, or wash it with the powders. There will be no traces or scratches on the surface of such table.

One of the best materials for the kitchen table is stone. It doesn’t absorb the odors and is moisture- and temperature-resistant. You can choose either natural or artificial stone, depending on the sum of money you’re ready to spend. Besides, the artificial stone is much stronger than its’ natural analog. It is undesirable to use marble as a material for the kitchen tables, as it gets dirty very easily.

Plastic is the most inexpensive and fragile from the above-mentioned materials. However, it takes one of the leading places in respect of the odor resistance. It’s unadvisable to put hot objects on the plastic surface, as it can swell. You should also be careful with the knives, as plastic is easily scratched. The advantages of plastic kitchen table are its low cost and maximum number of color solutions. It’s just the thing you can change every year without considerable expense.