pinterest home decor ideas

pinterest home decor ideas

The décor of living accommodations is chosen depending on the kind, measurements and function of the room. Of course, the personal wishes of the house owners are also taken into account. Some prefer natural materials; others bother about the beauty of living space interior. The rest adore wood, and can’t imagine any other material for the decoration of their house. As for the décor of bathrooms and kitchen, it should meet certain requirements, as these are the rooms with high humidity. So, it is necessary to choose the waterproof materials.

The most serious task is the décor of the floor. It is very important to choose quality materials and to hire the professionals for their laying. The thing is that the floors are the most loaded parts of the room, so the manufacturing materials must be resistant to the frequent mechanical damage. Of late, the most popular material for the floor decoration is the laminate. Such popularity is caused by its long service life, high quality and cheapness. If you choose the decoration for the room with high humidity, give preference to the tile (both for the floor and for the walls). However, you can also use such a facing material as natural or artificial stone for the decoration of the walls of the bathroom.

The brightest representative of the floor decoration is the parquet (especially made of noble wood species). Parquet shows prosperity of the house owners. Such decoration will serve you for decades. Linoleum is considered the cheapest and the most available floor covering material. The decoration of the walls starts with the plastering, as this kind of décor allows to achieve the smooth surface and to protect the walls from moisture and ignition. In addition, with the help of plastering you can perform various decorative elements. After the walls have been covered with plastering, you can start to choose the desired kind of decoration (the most popular materials are facing, painting, paperhanging, etc.)

Stone is mostly used for the decoration of country-houses. It looks beautiful in the living-rooms with fireplace. The décor of these rooms looks natural, extravagant and luxury. Feel free to combine stone and wood. After all, the best combination is an integral part of bright design.

The ceiling can have any form, including multilevel, hip and arched. And with the help of the art painting or printing you can decorate it with any picture or pattern.