The smoking of meat is a way of cooking, which pleases not only with its aroma, but also with its excellent taste. Almost all parts of carcass are used for the cold smoking. Smoke is an integral part of this process. If you need a certain way to smoke meat, we’ll tell you how to do it. It’s very easy!

To prepare this dish, you’ll need the following products: 1kg of pork; coarse salt; sweet paprika; black sprinkling pepper; 15 g of sugar; granulated garlic (1tablespoon). Start with the cooking of brine and smearing spices over the meat. For this purpose, you should previously mix salt, sugar, pepper and garlic.
Bring water to the boil. Then dissolve salt, sugar and pepper in the water. The boiling should last 15-20 minutes. After cooling, fill meat with the brine. Then you can leave the dish to brew for 2-3 days in a cool place.

After 2-3 days pour out the brine and wet the product in icy water for half a day. Then leave it to dry. The treatment must be made in cold-process (in the chamber of cold smoking). The temperature of smoke must not exceed 25-35 degrees. At the closing stage you must hang pork in well-aired room for 6-7 days for complete drying. You can perform smoking. But if you want to get deeper and richer taste, you should leave meat to marinate for 4 hours or even the whole night.

At the appearance of coals, you must check the presence of smoke, adding a wonderful taste. For the formation of smoke in the smoke house, you can add the branches, sawdust, chips and leaves of special wood species. You can use beech, asp, ash, oak and alder. Put meat in the smoking house. Smoke meat for 3-4 hours at the temperature of 120-130 degrees. If there are several slices, you need to move them from place to place for the uniform frying. Sometimes, in the process of smoking, you need to lay the foil under the product to collect the juice. You can pour meat with beer for damping. When the product is ready, it decreases in size and becomes softer.

If you don’t watch the state of product at the time of cooking, you can get the dark-brown fire- brand, having a pungent smell and pronounced sour-sweet taste. It can have an adverse effect on your health. That’s why you have to look after meat properly. Smoking is a very interesting and tasty occupation.