Theme for the design of boy’s bedroom

What styles can be used for the decoration of boy’s bedroom? And what must we take into account creating the themed bedroom?
The answer is simple: probable child’s hobbies and interests. After all, the boy’s room must be original and reflect the child’s personality.

The design styles, based on the emphasizing of some certain theme, are very popular nowadays. The theme decoration includes favorite cartoon characters, marine style, etc. Take one of these ideas as a principle and think over the filling of the space with certain furniture and accessories.

The bedroom of traveller and young naturalist

This style implies the room design in “geographic” style. Develop a subject of journeys, hikes and nature. The main colors of this style are: neutral green, brown, beige, yellow (symbolizing the sun) and orange.
If you want to create the spirit of travelling, use the photo wallpaper and pictures of animals and plants, maps, globe, plant ornaments, furniture finishing in the imitation of natural wood, boxes-suitcases. Don’t forget about the real flowers on the window-sills and aquariums.

The bedroom in techno-style

Such bedroom style fits for the boys, interested in cars, airplanes, tanks and computers. This style is characterized by the presence of light grey and metal basic colors. Sometimes you can see the elements of hi-tech style. There are no restrictions on the additional bright colors- it can be bright ultramarine, green and red shades.

The attributes of such bedroom are: metal, leather, different built-in appliances and furniture of unusual form. It can be the original hanging chairs, pouffes and chairs of modern design.

The bedroom in marine style

Contrary to the stereotypes, it is better to use not only blue but also the noble colors of Navy (red, deep blue, sea-green, ultramarine and white) for the decoration of the bedroom in marine style. It this case, the interior won’t look like a plain illustration for the children’s book.

The portholes, pirate chests, ship ropes, chandelier in the form of steering wheel, life buoy on the wall and the models of ships will create the feeling of sea and exciting piracy. The prevailing material for furniture and finishing is wood.

Children’s room is the place where the boy will spend the best years of his life. The original and interesting room will remain in his memory as one of the happiest childhood memories.