If your apartment is small, the kitchen also can’t boast of its large size. Nevertheless, you may so want to put a kitchen table, where the whole family can come together. Naturally, not all the ideas for kitchen can be realized in a close quarters. Nevertheless, you can try some of them! So, let’s choose a small table for little kitchen.

Let’s define the purposes we should take into account improving the kitchen interior. The main thing is that the kitchen is: 1) functional; 2) there must be a room for all family members and guests at the table.

1. Collapsible kitchen table.

You can buy such table in any furniture store of your city or order it in some e-shop. It can be a model, mounted on the wall and folded as not wanted. Of course, this option doesn’t fit for a big family. And for the guest reception you’ll have to set the table in the living room.

2. Folding kitchen table.

Such model can cost of several parts. For example, it can represent a table-book. As needed, it can be increased by means of rising one or two segments. Such table can be completed with the folding-chairs, or the chairs which you can pile up.

3. Table-sill.

Surely, this option won’t fit for every family. But it is quite comfortable to breakfast at such mini-table. If you live alone, table-sill will be a good solution for your compact little flat. It can be even interesting to eat at such table, if your window faces a beautiful landscape.

4. Small table at the wall.

It’s not even a table, but rather a shelf, mounted at a comfortable height. It can be even called a bar counter, fastened in an unusual way. You can even use this table for cooking. A bit higher you can place the additional shelves for kitchen implements. Choose the chairs or stools which can be located under the table.

5. The complement to the kitchen cabinet.

Such table can be either an extension of kitchen cabinet or its complement. Sometimes it is an extension of the table top or a sliding part of kitchen set.

6. Small kitchen bar counter.

This option is the most popular with the youth. A small bar counter can be mounted both in the kitchen and in the living room. The main thing is to choose the chairs of the right height.

As you see, even a very small kitchen can be designed beautiful!