Hardly anybody wants to stand at the stove in the warm time of the year. But there is a cool decision for the country-house, allowing not manage only with snacks. There is a way out- an outdoor kitchen!

Since you spend a lot of warm summer days in the country, it would not be out of place to build an outdoor kitchen on your garden plot.
Which place is the best for building outdoor kitchen?

The best place for it is the shady plot in the garden. It is advisable to surround this area with trees and plants. You can build the summer kitchen from plates, bars and other materials at hand- you’ll not have to put up too much money. You can also rebuild the pergola or restore the old shed for this purpose. The most important, is that the final result delights your eyes. The presence of canopy also matters, since nobody likes to cook in the rain.

The rules of an outdoor kitchen decoration
The most important thing is to locate an outdoor kitchen not far from the main building. It must be easy to reach, as sometimes it is necessary to bring more dishes, kitchenware, and meal. That’s why it would not be out of place to lay nonslip garden path in the case of rain. It will help you to bring everything necessary from the house to the summer kitchen, especially if it’s not equipped with the canopy. You must fit the kitchen with the stove. If the connection to the electric system is possible, you should buy a microwave, which will help you to reheat food easy and quickly. Garden fireplaces for the outdoor cottages are also very popular. And the last important thing is the furniture. It must be very comfortable, so that your everyday dinners seem festival.