You can not get enough of your brand new gazebo, just unfinished porch or terrace? However, you are confused with one small inconvenience – because of excessive openness you do not get the full feeling of comfort: prying eyes of neighbors disturb, wind, scorching sun, or drizzling rain don`t allow you to relax? So how do you get rid of these inconveniences and maintain the aesthetic beauty of your building? An excellent solution of such problems become so-called “outdoor curtains”, which provide not only protection against the weather, but also retain an attractive appearance of construction.

Most often for “outdoor curtains” use a special material, which has high strength and good processing performance, thanks to which for many years (5 years) it can effectively carry out its direct functions without losing the look. The peculiarity of the material is that it is extremely strong and does not require personal care or dismantling at winter, refractories. We can say that the material is breathable due to the special mesh structure, which passes into a sufficient amount of fresh air, defies the processes of decay and is resistant to the appearance of mold. “Outdoor curtains” will be useful at any time of year, because they do not obstruct the view from the inside, and annoying neighbors will not see you now!

Curtains for terraces, pergolas or verandas are designed to perform several functions:

  • give the surrounding atmosphere maximum saturation and comfort;
  • to protect from the scorching summer sun and create more shade, due to which inside the porch or gazebo will be cool and comfortable;
  • at day and night behind the curtains you can hide from prying eyes. If you want to adjust the light during the day, then you can stop the choice on the type of roller blinds day-night;
  • and on a cool day to receive protection from the wind and rain;
  • this is a small, but protection against mosquitoes and other insects that are in large numbers flock to the light at night.

Create around a cozy home environment and let the decor of your pergola will be special!