The child birth is always accompanied with a lot of pleasant cares. But one of the most important tasks that the new parents must accomplish is the choice of baby buggy. One would think it is no problem today to choose the baby buggy, as there is a wide assortment of different models on sale. But in practice it proves to be not so easy to decide between so many alternatives. There are different kinds of baby buggies: classic, walking, universal, transformers, etc. Which one will suit perfectly for you and your baby? What should you take into account in the first place, apart from the design?

Today’s prices of the baby buggies cannot be called low, so you should take the purchase of the first baby’s transport equipment seriously.

Firstly, you must decide what kind of baby buggy you prefer. The classic models provide baby’s sweet sleep, while you’re walking with him. Neither rain nor wind or frost will disturb your child. Such baby buggy can be transported in the car, if it’s equipped with the removable wheels. The models folding like a book are called transformers. They’re very popular because of their practicality, though rather bulky. The modular baby buggies have the same disadvantage. But, in contrast to the classic models, they’re completed with the walking seats. And if you’re looking for the most compact option, choose the folding buggy. It is a perfect choice for walks and trips! There are also three-wheeled “off-roader” buggies. Due to their special construction, these models can be called “off-road vehicles” among the buggies. With these buggies you can drive far and wide, being completely sure of the child’s comfort.

Secondly, choosing the baby buggies, you should be guided by a lot of important criteria, such as: weight, size, wheels’ construction, mobility, safety and ease of use. The other important factors are: climate and lay of land where you will use the buggy. The ideal model has flat and even bottom and strong fastenings. It is light enough so that the new mum can raise it a little if necessary, and quite small not to strike against the doorways. The wheels must be big, advisably rotary and removable. In winter it is better to use rubber wheels, and in summer- the plastic ones.