Of course, every profession has its recognized “idols”. Although the famous interior designers are not so popular and recognizable as some painters, musicians or even politicians, it doesn’t belittle their accomplishments. Their names are always on the lips of the common interior experts. And the phrase: “You designed this room in the style of Arne Jacobson!” , pronounced with awesome admiration, is the highest prize in relation to the work done. There is no bigger appreciation for the designer!

Undoubtedly, the famous interior designers are the most creative persons in the world, determining the face of every new era. In the 18th century these masters worked at the design of the magnificent Louvre in France (it’s one of the biggest museums in the world) and the palace and park ensemble of Versailles. Thanks to the designers, we have the right to be proud of Hollywood’s beauty, the coziness and peace of modest apartments and huge houses, the comfort of studios and the pomposity of working offices.

In our age of modern computer technologies and progressive dynamics of scientific and technical power, the number of interior design experts increases day after day. As a matter of fact, the interior creation can’t be called an art anymore, as the work of home designer implies the obligatory designing and monitoring all the processes of the building from beginning to end. Today it is possible even to design almost every building, and sometimes even the whole house. It’s quite easy to find the necessary program in the global network Internet and become the real interior design.
But it was much more difficult in the last century. The famous interior designers of that time were really gifted. They created their masterpieces without the aid of modern computers and “sophisticated” softs. These gentlemen were so authoritative and respected that not every rich nobleman could invite them for a cup of tea. The creators of “the beautiful” turned their masterpieces into the real art called design. The most of people who left their marks in the design art, worked at the beginning of the 20th century. So, we can admire their masterpieces to this day.

The famous interior designers made an inestimable contribution to the development of modern art.