It is no secret that many tourists come to Thailand in search of entertainments and exotics. After all, this country if famous for its night clubs, different shows and a variety of entertainments. Bangkok is the center of nightlife of Thailand.

The main information

Of course, many tourists come to Thailand only in search of the variety and exotics in private life, as there you can find an erotic adventure for all tastes and wishes. Such tourists come directly to Bangkok.

Those who want to combine the rest on the beach with the rich nightlife, come to Pattaya or the islands of Thailand. The famous entertainments and discos of Thailand attract a lot of tourists. In the afternoon, the spend time on the coast, and at night they move to the high sports of the resorts. Every city has its own streets and districts, where the nightlife goes by.

Bangkok nightlife

The night entertainments of Bangkok have long ago become its main curiosity. Many tourists from all over the world come to Thailand for various entertainments. Here you can find everything: streets fights without rules, noisy discos, numerous entertainment centers, peep-shows, go-go shows and different sex-services.
The most popular night area is Sukhumvit. All streets of this district are filled with beerhouses, go-go shows and peep-shows. The auto traffic isn’t too busy here. Another favorite place of night rest is the bar “Ad Makers”. It is an excellent place, where a lot of people listen to the rock music, try the dishes of Thai kitchen and have a good time. If you wish, you can arrange your own party in this bar (but you must pre-discuss it with the administration of the establishment). A lot of night establishments are situated in the Silom Street. Here you can find many prestige and respectable clubs of Bangkok, and also a lot of gay clubs (but the heterosexual couples also feel comfortable here).

It is known that many tourists come to Thailand in search of exotic sex-entertainments. And Bangkok represents the center of these entertainments. It’s a city where you can find a lot of them. Patpong and Cowboy streets always wait for the lovers of exotic erotic shows. Numerous strip- and erotic shows attract many men, but the women are also not averse to drop in here.

Resting in Thailand, try to find time to visit the city that never sleeps. The mixture of colors, styles, aromas, constant music and tasty food will leave nobody untouched.