The problem of a bad sound insulation is well-known both to the residents of apartment houses, and to the owners of country-houses. Acoustic suspended ceilings can help you to get rid of the annoying sounds, coming from upper floors and next-door apartments. Such ceilings will deaden outside noise and barely perceptible rustles.

Acoustic ceilings will assure you comfortable living and stay in any kind of accommodation. Besides, it is an excellent solution for office spaces, where the workers often find it difficult to concentrate because of the noise.

The modern acoustic ceiling is made of special cloth, containing a lot of microscopical pores.

Outwardly, the surface of these ceilings is not unlike this of the standard suspended construction.

But acoustic ceilings have their special properties and characteristics, allowing them to fight against sounds and noises of any kind. Experts and manufacturers admit that the modern acoustic suspended ceiling is able to deaden up to 90 % of all the noise, coming from the accommodation.

It is advisable to arrange acoustic ceilings in the large size accommodations (for example, in swimming pools, gyms, conference halls and cinemas), which will also assure a comfortable stay. But you shouldn’t forget, that you’ll also have to insulate floor and walls, since the acoustic ceiling alone can’t cope with all problems of the sound spreading.