Isabel de Farnesio has possessed the dark blue diamond for more than 300 years, and now this precious thing was sold on the famous auction “Sotheby’s”. It is worth noting that the diamond was purchased for the sum that exceeded the expected figures.

The auction, where famous diamond was sold, took place in Geneva. A number of other precious stones were also bidden upon, which yielded great results. However, the attention of most participants of the auction was drawn to 6.16-carat pear-shaped Farnese Blue.

Queen of Spain received this diamond in 1715 from the governor of Philippine islands for the wedding of the royal person. Since then, the blue gem travelled to almost all countries of Europe with the descendants of Isabel de Farnesio. It is noteworthy that the precious stone has never left the storehouse of the royal house in 300 years.

The protection of diamond “Farnese Blue” was very serious. For that reason, it has never been to the strangers for all the years it was possessed by the dynasty. In all this time, only family jeweler, immediate family and royalty have seen it. As a result, almost no one even heard of this precious stone.

A veil of secrecy has been lifted only recently, when it was decided to offer the famous jewelry for sale. Experts of auction house “Sotheby’s” did a thorough examination of the diamond, after which the diamond went on a world tour. During this journey, it was demonstrated in Taipei, Singapore, New York, London and Hong Kong. The last destination point of the jewelry was Geneva, where Farnese Blue was sold for $6,7 million.

We should note that the auction lasted only 4 minutes.