The electric grills are stationary or portable devices, allowing preparing dishes on the surface heated with electric elements. In contrast to the gas stove, the food is located at some distance from the hearth of cooking, which allows affecting the product evenly from different directions. The distinguishing characteristic of the electric grills is the universality of their use. Unlike traditional charcoal grills, the electric grills can be located even in the kitchen, without fear of filling the accommodation with smoke. Fresh stakes, grilled vegetables, and fondue- you can prepare all these dishes (and many others) in your kitchen. At that, the taste of dishes, prepared with such device, is identical with those cooked on the hot coals of traditional grill. The effect of high temperature on the prepared products can fry them to the golden crisp crust. Besides, the food will be safe-healthy, as the products keep the most nutrients.

In the list of grills you’ll also find aerogrills, or so-called convection ovens. In contrast to the traditional grills, the affect food by means of hot air blowing from the heating element. This kind of grill has appeared quite recently. About 20 years ago the aerogrills were developed as a substitution for microwave ovens. However, the development of technologies made them more functional and singled it out in a separate group of products. The peculiar property of these ovens is the preparing of healthy food in its own juice, without necessity of adding oil.

When choosing the grill, pay special attention to the type of control. On the one hand, the mechanics is safer, but it has a finite number of possibilities. On the other hand, electronics is remarkable for its factory installation and the electronic timer. All the models have high power heating elements and rich complete equipment, where you’ll find an plate stand of steamer for steaming food, special grill, tongs, skewers, etc.