The expectation of childbirth is accompanied by the pleasant cares, such as the purpose of everything necessary for the first year of the child’s life. This shopping list stars from the baby’s dummy and ends with the child’s furniture. Of the entire list, we want to inform you about the diaper changing table, as a lot of new mums and dads think about its buying.

The size of changing table

It is difficult to define the standard size of changing table surface because of the wide variety of models. Choosing the changing table, be based on the following principle: the bigger is the surface, the better. It is important, as the baby gains in weight and grows very fast. As for the height of diaper changing table, choose it according to the mother’s height.

The changing tables for child’s room

The choice of changing tables is huge, so you can choose the suitable model according to your preferences and financial opportunities.


The changing board. This kind of changing surface represents the board with protective sides. You can put the mattress on its bottom. It is made of different materials and is very suitable for small apartments. According to its cost, the changing board is the most economic option.

The folding changing table with small legs is a perfect option for a walk or a trip. You only need to put in on the plain surface to start using it.

The diaper changing table represents the changing surface with long legs. The plainest option of changing table is a folding model, as it is useful for the economy of room space. Its legs can be adjusted to the mother’s height.

The diaper changing table can be also made by analogy with the bookshelf. It is comfortable, as everything necessary for changing clothes will be at hand.

The changing chest of drawers is a perfect option for the child’s room, as later on it can be used as an ordinary piece of furniture for clothing storage. To make this transformation, you’ll only have to push back the changing surface. Taking into account its multifunctionality, the chest of drawers costs more than the ordinary changing table.

The child’s bed with changing table. This kind of furniture for the child’s room is more expensive than the ordinary changing table. In this option, the bed is combined with changing surface. Later on, the changing surface is detached, and this device serves as a bed for the children up to 10 years.