The boys’ room will never be in order. You must take it into account choosing the furniture for his bedroom. All kinds of drawers and shelves for toys and books will help to put his room in order faster. The boys’ bedroom furniture must be comfortable, easily cleaned and safe. Avoid the furniture with sharp angles. As for the soft furniture, choose the water-repellent cloth.

The room for the child of six years and upwards must be equipped (except for the bed and shelves) with the work table and chair. It is better if the chair is adjustable for height.

The textile is also very important in the kids’ room. The curtains must be dense and don’t transmit the light so that your child can sleep in the daytime. The bedding, blankets and rugs can have a bright coloring and patterns.

It is better to choose the bright pictures for the kinds’ room interior. The best option is the posters with cartoon characters, animals or landscapes. The pictures must tell some story so that the child can dream and develop the imagination.

The coloring in the interior of boys’ bedroom

Any color, apart from the tradition girlish ones- violet and pink, are suitable for the boys’ bedroom. When you choose the main color for the kids’ room interior, take into account the child’s age. The newborn will feel comfortable in the room in pastel shades. The pure colors are better for the room of elder children. The teen boy will like the room in blue and grey. In the kids’ room, it is better not to confine yourself with one color, but use several shades.

The best option of color combination for the boys’ bedroom is:

1) neutral color (for example, white, milky or beige);

2) pure color (green, yellow or blue);

3) dark soft color, matching two other colors.

Keep in mind that the boys’ bedroom must be interesting and comfortable to sleep, play and spend all free time.