When the summer comes, the water fountains start to delight our eyes and attract us with their coolness. And the infinite sound of falling water always raises our spirits. The fountain in the square, city apartment, in the yard of country-house or on the small garden-plot is the best way to decorate the territory. People have built the fountains since ancient times. At that time they served as town water supply, while their lower bowls were used for washing on a hot day. Today everyone can afford the decorative water fountain.

There are indoor and outdoor water fountains. They are used both for practical purposes and for the interior decoration. For example, the wall fountain “mill” decorates the ethnic cuisine restaurants. In a hot climate, the waterfall with a murmurous water jet reduces the air temperature in the apartments and regulates the humidity. Patio can’t do without a fountain with a big bowl, replacing the pool, where you can swill your feet after the walk on a dusty road or have a bath.

The outdoor water fountains decorate the squares, parks and railway stations. They can be equipped with complicated mechanism (for example, “vocal” or “dancing” fountains, illumination or colored jets). The plainer fountains can be the fitting decoration of your garden plot. It can be the whole system of waterfalls with islets or bridges, flowing streams and geysers, getting from under the stones. The main of these fountains is the decoration of landscape design. Even a small water reservoir in the cottage, for instance, a little pond with the fountain in the center and the beautiful plants among the stones, can become a masterpiece. It’s also possible to connect the series of cascade fountains. And the different kinds of illumination can create a unique atmosphere for an evening gathering with friends to eat kebabs.

There are different materials used for making fountains: stones and seashells; foam and cement; gypsum and china; plastic and ceramics; marble and wild stone.

If the geophysical conditions in the area of private housing allow it, you can use the natural landscape slope so that the fountains or cascade ponds work without an electric motor. One pipeline is enough to carry the water from the spring, whose level is situated above. The combination of level difference and the calibration of holes in the influent pipes provide the required water pressure. Sometimes the principle of communicating vessels creates the necessary pressure without a hydraulic pump.

The small garden fountain provides the coolness, aesthetic pleasure, and stress coping at a time.