Nowadays the handmade artificial flowers are often used for the decoration of present, elements of interior, clothes and accessories. To make such flowers, people mostly use silk, as this material looks expensive and exquisite.

Making of beautiful and elegant handmade flowers is a very interesting, exciting and fascinating, but at the same time laborious task. However, those who like to spend spare time making handicrafts will like it.

The choice of cloth and accessories, the purchase of decorations made of stones, feathers and beads, the coloring of cloth, the treatment of leaves and petals and the following decoration of finished article will involve you so much that you won’t be able to tear away from work even for a minute!

You can make the silk flower out of the special materials, or use the ordinary instruments, which can be found in the “maintenance kit” of every man.
– Scissors;
– Knives of different form;
– Ruler;
– Marker;
– Brass pellet with different working area;
– Soldering iron;
– Glue gun.

In addition the above mentioned materials you’ll require pan, 200 ml of water and 3 tea spoons of gelatin.

At first, it is necessary to make a solution for silk treatment. Pour 200 ml of water in the pan; add 3 tea spoons of gelatin; mix well and leave it for 20 minutes to brew. After that, heat the mixture on the stove until gelatin dissolves completely.

After the solution became uniform, put the Japanese silk in it for 3-5 minutes. The cloth must become soaked with the solution, and only then you can extract it. It’s strictly forbidden to squeeze it out.

When the cloth is completely dry, you can start to make a flower. You must cut the required quantity of petals and leaves, from the silk soaked with solution. Construct it after the model.

After that, you must carefully singe the edges of all petals with the help of candle. Then use the brass pellets to create the necessary curve. When all the elements are ready, make a flower with the help of needle, thread and glue gun.

The handmade silk flowers will be the best present.