Bedding, a very important design element in the bedroom. Bedding is not just the fabric that covered our bed where we rest, but it is intended to improve our well-being, as well as sleep.

Today, anyone can buy bedding for their funds, and taste, but that was not always so. To our days have survived the historical information that bed linen in ancient Rome used the privileged layer of society. At that time for bed were used woolen fabrics and cloth, decorated with floral and fruit arrangements. In the Middle Ages on the bed throws animal skins.

Bedding in Europe came much later, after that in the houses of rich people began to allocate some space for recreation – a bedroom. At that time bedding was an impermissible wealth, seamstresses sewed only from white fabric, decorated with finest lace exclusively manually and it probably served as an accessory, which decorated the bed and not the subject of life. In Russia, the valuable linen was weaved by hand to the wealthy at monasteries and in the villages before the start of the twentieth century, they could not think of beddibg sets and pillows.
At Madame de Pompadour fashion for bedding spread in the eighteenth century.

Since then, the history of bedding evolved in two ways:

  • Fashionable exclusive bedding made of silk and natural linen fabric hand-made, with intricate embroidery stitch, monograms with original, hand-painted, trim lace cutwork
  • Everyday bedding from the cheapest of fabrics, for a broad range of the population, which has become more accessible with the advent of the loom


In the middle of the twentieth century due to the development of weaving production bedding from cotton, linen, satin, calico has become a necessity in every home. Bedding began to be produced in different sizes, different colors, different qualities. In connection with the coming into our lives of synthetic fabrics, in bedding various additives are added, due to which increases the service life, giving ease of beddibg, hardly in need of ironing.

Specialists say, no matter how expensive may be bed linen, best suited for sleeping sets from natural cotton fabrics with pastel light colors. Such bedding provides hygiene and comfort during sleep.