The lean-to shed gives its fortunate possessor many additional opportunities:

  1. there is no need for constant opening of garage doors, if you just want to protect your car from precipitation and sunlight;
  2. there is a parking place for your guests;
  3. the space under the lean-to can be used as the area for car repairs or household unit;
  4. it is the place where you can bring the table and rest with friends. In such a way, the lean-to changes to the summer-house.

Building the garage roof of the shed construction, take into account that the lean-to shed must look harmonious and be solid. The framing is made of metal, and the cover- of cellular and monolithic polycarbonate. The multilayer transparent plastic provides heat- and fire-resistance, high firmness, permeability to light, lightness, noise- and acoustic insulation.

The modern lean-to shed of polycarbonate is popular among the drivers. It has the following advantages:

  1. its making is inexpensive;
  2. the leak-tightness and reliability of the building are assured;
  3. its installation doesn’t require special equipment;
  4. if necessary, it can be easily transferred to the other place.

Polycarbonate sheet support a snow load up to 240 kg/m2.

They’re also highly resistant to the temperature drop. Another important advantage with relation to the design is that there are sheets of different colors.

There are several kinds of leans-to. The polycarbonate shed can have single-ended, double-ended or arched lean-to. It is usually designed in the form of arch. The walls are mounted optionally.