Today work with interiors is one of the most popular branches of design. Among the customers are not only clients with high incomes, as it was recently, but also representatives of middle class – people who want to equip home as comfortable as possible.
Also more and more companies are ready to invest in the decoration of the offices, in the convenience of manufacture of facilities. That is why the profession of interior designer is a very popular and in demand.

According to experts, if you watch the interior from the different sides with humor, you would reveal the following disposition of the duties in this business:

Customer – finances the process, trying to achieve harmony of the final result with their inner world and his wallet.

The architect is trying to lead the planning of the object in accordance with painted facade and his understanding of the word “good”.

The Builder – commits act of materialization of the thoughts of the architect. As full and accurate implementation is impossible anyway, materialization is very approximate.

Designer is man, who corrects the drawings of the architect and Builder builds. He’s trying to achieve the same harmony of the inner world of the customer with construction, taking no attention to the size of the wallet, because there is no money already, and on their creative ambitions, because for ambitions he doesn’t get money.

From all follows the fact, that modern interior designer works not for art, but for particular customer. Therefore, his tasks are defined ultimately by the interests and requests of the customers, but not his own impulses as creative nature.