In each house you can find a room, where you will soak up the serenity and privacy. Of course, we speak about bedroom, because here we restore our strength after hard day. Creating the bedroom interior design, you must try to keep the correct shapes of the room. If it initially has disproportionate features, the design of sleeping rooms must to fix them. The most relevant are flowing lines and transitions, because the excess edges and corners only irritate the eyes and make discomfort. But the ceiling can be multi-level, but it must keep the smooth forms. In the room of small size the bedroom interior design may include only bed, but even in this case it is desirable to provide space for bedside tables.

There the hosts will have a place to put the book, glasses and other accessories. Often the design of sleeping room also implies wardrobe. If the size of the premises lets, it is possible to equip a whole dressing room. It is not superfluous to allocate space for dressing table, of course, if the design of the bedroom is for woman.

A separate task is the organizing of the lighting. Because the bedroom design is created for rest, so it is better to avoid direct light sources. You can use the shades from matte glass or textile shades, in such case, the light will be scattered. A chandelier can be replaced by series of spotlights. As additional lighting the local sources of light, such as chandeliers, sconces or table designer lamps perfectly fit. More backlight will make more comfortable the interior of the bedroom. The colors are important, from them depends on the mood and attitude to life. It is better to choose bright and warm pastel colors, in such way the interior design will cause the feeling of tranquility and relaxation. The design of the bedrooms also is affected by the location of the room. If windows face south, you can safely use cool colors, because the room is warm itself. If windows look to the north, to give it comfort is able shades of orange and other warm tones.

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