A ceiling is not just the room overhead, but the important element of the interior decoration. It can act as the center of attraction of the room, or just complete the interior. It is important, that the ceiling design matches the room interior. Thanks to developing modern technologies, there is a lot of quite interesting ways of ceiling decoration.

The kinds of ceiling design

  1. Whitewashing and painting. It’s the easiest and the cheapest kind of design. But you must attend to it before floor and walls renewal. It is necessary to make the ceiling surface even and perfectly smooth. Otherwise the ceiling will look curve and ugly.
  2. Self-adhesive ceilings. The most common kind of design, which combines reasonable price with a good quality. Self-adhesive ceilings are the foam plastic square plates, which are pasted to the ceiling with special glue.
  3. Ceiling wallpaper design means gluing wallpaper on the ceiling. As compared to whitewashing, this kind of design is rather clean and efficient, as ceiling wallpaper is expensive. Besides, it keeps its beauty and whiteness for 3-5 years.
  4. Ceiling with mirror. This kind of ceilings is based on safe and light stainless steel profiles, to which glass surface is fastened. Ceilings with mirror look effective in combination with laser engraving, inserts, illustrations, and highlight.
  5. Rack ceilings are paneled ceilings, representing suspended constructions made of plates and rods (usually white, so that one can easily repaint them to the required color). They are mostly used in bathrooms, toilets, offices and shops.