The presence of outdoor lighting system is necessary on the territory both in the evening, and at night, it allows to prolong comfortable and safe staying of the people outside the house.

In addition to the purely utilitarian purpose, landscape lighting can be used for decorative purposes. Very popular is the method of point highlight. Very popular is the method of point highlight when small,on ground usually, lights illuminate some trees, bushes, flower garden, and also lighting of water ponds. In this case, in the dark garden acquires a completely different, almost dreamlike view.
Decoration lighting in landscape design consists of a harmonious picture of the light, which designer creates with help of lights. For it the designer uses trees, shrubs, small architectural forms, as well as walkways and other areas, what are illuminated by various spotlights. Correctly located lights are invisible during the day and at dark night they create a fairy-tale, completely transforming the daily appearance of your garden.

Today we have interesting models of ground luminaries with lattice ceiling, which were designed for embedding into the surface of paving, they allow you to create marking lighting in the dark. However, these lights are not intended for illumination of roads due to the vertical direction of the light flow. For illumination of the surface of tracks usually are used lights, recessed into the borders, risers of stairs or retaining walls, they must give the horizontal flow of light. The surface of such outdoor light fixtures can be protected by matte shades and lattice reflectors to reduce the blinding effect, for example, when you need to go up the stairs. For parkings or roads, and also for vertical surfaces are offered lights with a reflector and side slits for light output. Due to the particular design the blinding effect of such lamps is missing. Recently very popular led lights. To serve they can 10 years, energy they need not too much.

Good lighting design can visually adjust the configuration of the territory, to hide the shortcomings of individual objects. Of course, you can develop the project of the lighting of your house, but if you haven’t experience enough, will be better to turn to professionals. They will take into account not only the wishes of the owner of a private house, but the features of buildings, terrain, climate conditions.